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Why my contacts see everyone's answers when I send a group message?

Some Carriers have a "group messaging" setting that turns group messages into conversations. If you want your contacts not to see others' answers, go to your iPhone settings (in Messages) and deactivate "Group Messaging".

Why Connect does not sync with the groups in the native address book?

Connect has its own group management, which is more powerful than the native address book. When you open the app the first time, Connect could also import your native groups. But when you'll make changes in your groups, they will not be sync with the native groups.

Why group messages to a lot of contacts do not work?

When you're trying to send a group message to a lot of contacts:
1/ Your iPhone freezes or crashes: your iPhone cannot load that much contacts at once.
2/ You have an error message: your Carrier set limitation on group messages.

In both cases to fix this, go to "Settings", then to "Group Messaging Batch" and choose a limitation that works for you.

You can choose 20 for example. Why 20? 20 is a limitation that works for most of Carriers and devices. When you'll send a group message to 92 contacts, Connect will send 5 batches (4 of 20 contacts and 1 of 12 contacts).

Why group messages still do not work at all?

It sometimes happens with iOS7 and iOS8. Simply turn off and restart your iPhone. Then, it should be ok! Otherwise, you can activate the "Alternate Sending" mode in "Settings".

How do I change the quick gestures for phone numbers and email address of a contact?

1/ Go to the contact.
2/ Tap on the "Change quick gestures" button.
3/ Change for the new ones.

How do I change the name of a group or delete a group?

1/ Long press on the group name.
2/ Select "Edit" at the bottom left.
3/ Change the group name or delete the group.

What are you doing with my data?

We take privacy extremly seriously, your contacts are yours. Your data always stay only on your smartphone.

How do I remove a contact from a group?

1/ Go the group
2/ Long swipe left the contact (like you do to add) until you see the red color and the label "Remove from group".
3/ Select "Remove" on the confirmation pop-up.

How do I move a contact from a group to an other?

1/ Go to the wrong group.
2/ Swipe left to add the contact in a new group.
3/ Long swipe left to remove the contact from the wrong group.

Note: a contact can be in several groups.

Why I can not edit a contact?

Some of your contacts may come from various external sources - such as Facebook for example - and you can not edit these contacts.

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