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Quick gestures dedicated
to your contact management

Connect makes your contact management fast, easy and mobile-friendly. Simply swipe a contact to call, send a message or add in a group. Quickly navigate through groups of contacts, reorder these groups and send group messages.

Keep your favorite
people close to you

Connect helps you make your contact management as unique as you are. Organize your contacts into custom groups so your family, your friends, your colleagues, your customers, your teammates are always close to you.

Customize & make your contact
manager as unique as you are

Make Connect your very own with adding background colors to your groups. Colors help you categorizing your groups of contacts to see in a second which kind they are. There are 10 colors to choose from in Connect.

Add, edit & share contacts

Connect covers everything about contact management. You are able to quickly add new contacts directly in Connect (and they're located in your iPhone), edit your contacts' details and share both contacts and lists by email or message.

Send group messages
to your lists of contacts

Connects helps you get the best of your list management. In addition to reorder people in the lists, you can easily send group messages and group emails to everyone or just a few contacts in a list. You'll love using these to share information with your family, friends and colleagues.

Our users love us
as much as we love them

  • Very nice and easy to use. I particularly love the way you can navigate quickly from a list to another.
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  • This a beautiful app! We were raving about this on Monday. Awesome work!
  • Give this app a shot, it'll blow your mind. Very thoughtful design & smartly organized!
    Appstore Review
  • Loving the clean/airy feel of the designs. Good luck!
  • I wish Apple could acquire this app and make it the default phone app! It's profoundly convenient and great ease of use. Great app!
    Appstore Review
  • The user experience is amazing, probably the best app to create lists of contacts.
    Appstore Review
  • Amazing! Thanks for such a gorgeous app, I was blown away from the start!
  • I love creating groups of contacts to find someone you want to get in touch with.
    Appstore Review
  • Heck yeah!!
    That's way cool!
Connect for iPhone
Connect is a fast, full-featured and friendly contact manager for iPhone that helps you organize your contacts.
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