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For more than 10 years, Dexem has been building innovative call management solutions for companies of all sizes, everywhere in the world. Helping companies to connect with their customers has been an amazing journey. And this world is even more fascinating today because the rise of smartphones offers a full range of new opportunities to explore. We believe - and measure - that people are calling more and more because the one-to-one calling relationship makes people and brands closer.

Today we are improving the way people connect with each other, and how customers connect with their favorite brands on mobile. Inspired by a few recent apps, we created Connect, a beautiful and full-featured contact manager for iPhone which is perfectly designed for iOS7. Connect helps you keep your favorite people and brands close to you, and connect with them in a fast and enjoyable way. Hopefully you love using Connect like thousands of people already!

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Connect for iPhone
Connect is a fast, full-featured and friendly contact manager for iPhone that helps you organize your contacts.
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